CONGRATULATIONS to the Women’s Club Ice Hockey team on completing a successful season! With a membership increase from eight players in the 2011-2012 season to 14 players this season, they have made significant strides as a club.
Club Women's Ice Hockey
But, like other small clubs, the biggest challenge of the team is getting enough girls on the team to be competitive. With 15 girls on the roster, everybody goes to games.

So why do players enjoy playing DU Women’s Club Ice Hockey? According to club president Emily Usset, “I think players enjoy being part of the club because we are a fun group of girls. We make each practice fun and girls want to be there. We are always joking around but at the same time willing to work hard. Not many girls seem to play hockey at DU, so this is something we all have in common. I am proud to say I’m one of the few girls at DU who play hockey and I think everyone else on my team would agree.”

Naturally, their biggest accomplishment was beating age-old rival Colorado College in their last game of the season. Even more impressive is that the club had lost seven straight games and without a coach at their final game, they managed to pull it together as a team and had more than 40 shots on net and beat CC 7-6!

On how their season went, club president Emily Usset said, “This season we had a lot of new girls join that had a variety of talent. Our season went well, we are a good group of skaters, but unfortunately our goalie got injured half-way through the season. This made the last half of our season extremely difficult as we were training in a new goalie. If our goalie hadn’t gotten injured, I could almost guarantee we would have won 75 percent of our games. We ended the season on a good note though, beating CC at CC’s home ice.”

The biggest piece of advice from the club: Advertise. Make it known that your club exists on campus. “When we put our sign up at the Pioneer Carnival so many people came up to me telling me they had no idea DU had any sort of women’s hockey. Well, we do. And we plan to make it well known from here on out!”

Congratulations again to Women’s Club Ice Hockey on another successful season!