November is American Diabetes Month and Kaiser Permanente wants to help you know your risks! While there are certain risk factors you can’t change, like your family history, knowing your risks for diabetes lets you decide what’s best for your health. Age, overweight, inactivity and family history are all risk factors for diabetes. Weight and activity levels are the risk factors you can change.

Celebrate healthy changes!

As always, the best way to lower your risks is to exercise, eat healthy and lose any extra pound.

  • Play Detective – find out what you don’t know about your family history, especialyl when it comes to chronic conditions.
  • Stay in Check – Low blood sugar levels can cause sudden mood swings in some people, so don’t go too long between eating meals
  • Indulge Smart – When you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, be mindful of your choices. A serving of berries is almost always better than a pastry or chocolate.

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