Updated Thursday, March 26
We are taking precautionary steps to continue to provide the safest environment possible for you and your family. Additional processes and procedures have been put into place through this time of concern. We continue to monitor all updates and are following the lead of the University.

For the latest information surrounding COVID-19 and the University of Denver, please visit

Please know that the health and safety of our community is always our top priority. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate this evolving epidemic. Please do not hesitate to email us or give us a call at 303-871-3845 if you have additional questions. We will return your inquiry as quickly as possible as our volume could be high with all at hand. Thank you for your patience.

Latest Updates (as of March 26)

  • The Ritchie Center will be closed through at least Thursday, April 30, as per orders from the Department of Public Health & Environment.
  • Our reopening is dependent upon governmental guidance and University of Denver leadership.
  • This is subject to change, and we will provide updates as they become available.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Ritchie Center responding during this closure and preparing for the reopening of the Ritchie Center?
We have a long-held commitment to provide safe and clean environments for our members, guests and team members. Before the Ritchie Center closure, we had in place a continuous cleaning protocol with cleaning products that have been found to be effective against viruses of this type. During the closure, we will intensify our cleaning measures, disinfecting the building.
How will I know when the facility will reopen?
We will keep you updated on email, social media, our website and e-newsletters.
What happens if I have an annual Coors Fitness Center or pool-only membership?
Your membership expiration date will be extended for the duration of the closure.
What happens if I have a monthly membership (Coors Fitness Center, pool-only membership, Hilltoppers Swimming, Masters Swimming, Water Polo)?
You will not be charged while we are closed.

Please check our financial adjustment form, which will allow you to select one of two options:

  1. Contribute the unused value of my March membership dues.
  2. Prorate my dues by 50 percent for the next billing month (once the Ritchie Center reopens.
What happens to my punch pass?
Your punch pass will get extended an equal amount to of time to the closure.
I purchased personal training sessions. Will I be refunded?
We hope that you can schedule your training sessions when the building is open again. If you are unable to do so, we will issue a pro-rated refund based on sessions used. Please note that, if you were to re-purchase sessions, you would do so at the original price.
Will I be able to retrieve items from my locker?
Due to the “Stay at Home” order from the Mayor, we are not able to allow members to access their lockers.
Will P.A.S.S. Camp be offered during the summer 2020 season?
P.A.S.S. Camp is scheduled to begin in May. We will be monitoring the situation closely and let you know if there are any changes. If you have any questions, please email
What is the University of Denver's tax ID number?
DU’s tax ID number is 84-0404231.
How do I access my online account, receipts and childcare statements?
To access your online account:

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Login” from the top menu, and enter your username and password.
  3. Select “My Account” to view past receipts, childcare statements and other account information.
How can I stay active while the Ritchie Center is closed?
During this time, your fitness and wellness should remain a top priority. Staying active and taking time out of your work-from-home day to move your body can help increase productivity and focus. Our friends at Les Mills have announced immediate access to a free on-demand library of content during this time for their clubs around the world.

We’d like to extend this free on-demand access to our faculty and staff members. This collection of workouts requires minimal or no equipment and features classes for both adults and kids.

Is the Health and Counseling Center still open for students?
The University of Denver Health and Counseling Center remains open (Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.; Tuesday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) to provide care for our students. Should you have urgent concerns or questions regarding the novel coronavirus, we are requesting students call the Nurse Triage line at 303-871-2615 BEFORE making an appointment.

Learn more on the HCC website.