Monday, July 13 Ritchie Center Facility Updates

  • The elevator pit cleaning that was scheduled for today has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, July 14. During the elevator put cleaning, different elevators around the Ritchie Center will be offline at different times throughout the day.
  • Water mitigation was completed this last weeked, so all Ritchie Center repair efforts are now construction efforts to restore the building.
  • Drywall repair is currently underway throughout the first floor of the building. The entire first floor is considered a current construction zone, so please use this as a reminder to access areas of the Ritchie Center through public access points as opposed to the game level of the building.
  • Through this construction phase of the rebuild, please remember that all participants within the Ritchie Center must be wearing shoes at all times. Please also adhere to any caution signage present around the building as construction schedules may be altered slightly throughout the day.