Tuesday, July 14 Ritchie Center Facility Updates

  • In the Gold Club Locker Rooms, the drywall will be finished and painting is anticipated to be completed by next Tuesday. At that point, there will still be no carpet in the locker rooms and we anticipate that it will take about four weeks for the carpet to be delivered and installed at that point. We will continue to update the anticipated carpet replacement timeline as we know more, at which point the locker rooms may need be closed for a day or so for installation. While the carpet remains out, we recommend bringing flip flops or any other shoe options to wear in the locker rooms for your safety.
  • The Crimson Locker Room repairs will continue this week overnight with painting beginning next week. We anticipate that by the end of next week, the Crimson Locker Rooms will be fully functional.
  • Work will continue on the Joy Burns Arena Locker Rooms over the next three nights to complete mudding. The locker rooms will remain operational during the day and we anticipate the last coat of painting will be completed within about two weeks.
  • We are currently in review for a repair solution to the bubbles in the Coors Fitness Center weight room floor. We appreciate your patience during this time and will continue to provide updates as options are made available for the floor repair.