Friday, July 24 Ritchie Center Facility Updates

  • Painting and drywall work continues on the lower level of the Ritchie Center through this week. Much progress has been made and crews continue to work around the clock to complete the painting of the facility.
  • Joy Burns Arena locker rooms still need to complete painting, as the protective wall system in anticipated to be installed between August 10-19.
  • Joy Burns Arena flooring is expected to be completed by the end of August.
  • Coors Fitness Center locker room carpet installation and final clean is expected to happen around August 10-13. We will continue to communication information regarding this installation as the dates become exact and as we know more about the possible access impacts.
  • We have confirmation that the Coors Fitness Center weight room flooring will need to be replaced due to the bubbling damage experienced by the moisture in the facility. We are in the process of selecting a vendor and establishing a schedule and will further communicate once confirmed.