Check out photos from the first 2012 presidential debate, held at the Ritchie Center and the University of Denver on October 3, 2012.

The north side of the Ritchie Center at sunrise on Oct. 3President Barack Obama addresses his opponent, Gov. Mitt Romney, during the Oct. 3 presidential debate in Magness Arena, at the University of Denver.Members of the media inside Hamilton Gymnasium during the debateThe line leading into the Media Filing Center in the debate hallMembers of the media set up for live shots from the Ritchie CenterMagness Arena from the top balconyThe crowd at DebateFest as the event begins to wind down, before the debate screeningBipartisan collaboration at Issues AlleyDebateFest attendees watch the debate live out on Carnegie Green.

See more shots from Debate Day and behind-the-scenes looks at the preparation for the debate at the University of Denver’s Flickr photostream!