Year-round competitive hockey for adults
If you’re a competitive adult hockey player, check out the Ritchie Center’s adult hockey league, also known as the DUAHL!

The DUAHL’s primary 20-game winter season runs September through March, and a shorter summer season is offered April through August.

Our co-ed league is for players 18 and older and consists of up to 24 teams divided into multiple divisions based on skill and experience.

Current & Upcoming DUAHL Seasons

2019-20 DUAHL Winter Season Playoffs: March 8-29

2020 DUAHL Summer Season: April 19 – August 9
2020 DUAHL Summer Season Playoffs: August 16-30


Current & Upcoming DUAHL Beginner’s League Seasons

2020 DUAHL Beginner’s League Spring Season: April 10 – May 29
2020 DUAHL Beginner’s League Summer Season: June – August





The DU Adult Hockey League (DUAHL) includes winter and summer leagues, each featuring a regular season plus a single-elimination playoff.

League games are held in Joy Burns Arena and Magness Arena, the home of DU’s nationally-ranked varsity hockey team. Games include two Colorado Ice Hockey Referee Association officials and a game scorekeeper and/or supervisor.

Read the league rules.

For additional information on the DU Adult Hockey League (DUAHL), please contact our Adult Hockey Manager Erik McDonald at or 303-871-7444.


Summer season: $4,000/team
Winter season: $6,500/team


Payment Options

Team Pay In Full

Team Pay in Full:

Summer: $4,000/team (includes one free hour of practice ice)
Winter: $6,300/team ($200 discount)

Team Pay in Installments

Team Pay in Installments*:

Summer: $4,000/team (two payments of $2,000)
Winter: $6,500/team (two payments of $3,250 or three payments of $2,167)

*All installment payments require a completed credit card authorization on file with the Adult Hockey Manager.

Player Payments
Player payments* are available for teams unable to pay in full or in installments.

Player Pay in Full

Summer: $300/player
Winter: $500/player

Player Pay in Installments

Winter: Two payments of $250/player

Not available in the summer season.

*All installment payments require a completed credit card authorization on file with the Adult Hockey Manager.


Summer season (April – August): Now open

Step 1: Reserve team spot & pay deposit

Teams must pay a non-refundable $500 deposit to reserve their spot in the league each season.

To pay the deposit, contact the Adult Hockey Manager in person or over the phone at 303-871-7444. Deposits must be received at least two weeks before the start of the season.

Step 2: Pay team fees

Teams and/or individual players must complete their registration online using one of the three payment options (team pay in full, team pay in installments or player payments).

Free Agents

Looking for a team to join? Please contact our Adult Hockey Manager Erik McDonald at or 303-871-7444 for registration information.

DUAHL-B (Beginner’s League)

The DU Adult Hockey League – Beginners League is intended as learning environment for developing in-game awareness and strategy, understanding team concepts and putting hockey skills to the test, all in a fun and safe atmosphere. It is a new league for adults with little-to-no hockey experience but are ready to begin playing games in a semi-competitive environment.

DUAHL-B is perfect for players who are new to hockey but feel their skills are game-ready. It is a bridge between our Adult Learn to Play Hockey lessons and the full DUAHL.


The DUAHL-B league features hour-long games held on Thursday nights (Friday nights for the spring league), starting between 5:30-11:00 p.m. and are played on Joy Burns Arena and Magness Arena. Games will have two officials and a game scorekeeper.

The league will feature six teams of 10-15 players (New players are randomly assigned to a team.), and teams are guaranteed eight games.

Full ice hockey equipment is required.

For additional information on the DU Adult Hockey League (DUAHL), please contact our Adult Hockey Coordinator Erik McDonald at or 303-871-7444.


$250/player (includes a jersey)


Spring season (April 10 – May 29): Open now
Summer season (June – August): Begins in May

Register Online

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a team to play with. Can I still join the league?
Yes. You can register as a free agent for the DUAHL. Free agents must pay for the season in-full prior to being placed on a team. If a free agent is not able to be placed, a full refund will be issued. Please contact the Adult Hockey Manager to register at 303-871-7444. Free agent pricing is $500 for the winter season and $300 for the summer season. The Beginner’s League is an “individual registration”-based program where the cost for all players is $250 per session.
When are games played?
DUAHL games are primarily held on Sunday afternoons and nights with some games held on Saturday nights.

DUAHL Beginner’s League games are held on Thursday nights. (Games will be held on Friday nights for the 2020 spring season.)

What divisions are included in the league?
The DUAHL consists of “B”, Middle “C” and Lower “C” divisions.

The DUAHL Beginner’s League consists of one division with six teams.

How many games are played?
During the DUAHL winter season, teams play 20 games. During the DUAHL summer season, teams play 10-12 games. DUAHL teams are also guaranteed one playoff game following the regular season.

The DUAHL Beginner’s League features a five-game round robin-style regular season with three guaranteed playoff games.

Is there a postseason tournament?
Yes. The DUAHL has a single-elimination playoff tournament following the regular season.

The DUAHL Beginner’s League has a playoff bracket featuring consolation games.

Ice Rental Packages

If your DU adult ice hockey team is interested in practicing at the Ritchie Center, check out our ice rental packages. A limited number of preferred rate ice rental packages are available for our league teams. If you are interested in booking an ice rental package, please contact Jesse Badder at 303-871-3396 or


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