Pioneer Classic Tournament Series

The Pioneer Classic Tournament Series features tournaments for multiple levels, hosted by Jr. Pioneers Hockey.

All tournaments are sanctioned by USA Hockey and can be found on the Colorado Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) website.


February 16-19, 2018


  • U10 A
  • U10 B

Sanction Number: 18CO10

Cost: $1,400/team

U10 A Teams:

  • Aspen Leafs
  • DU Jr. Pioneers
  • Jr. Brahmas
  • Jr. Ducks
  • Rampage
  • Steamboat Stampede
  • West Elk Wolverines

U10 A Tournament Schedule & Results

U10 B Teams:

  • DU Jr. Pioneers
  • GMF Catamounts
  • Grand Junction Coyotes
  • Hyland Hills Orange
  • Rampage Navy
  • Steamboat Stampede

U10 B Tournament Schedule & Results

April 6-8, 2018


  • 2009 Birth Year only (championship division)
  • 2009 Birth Year only (non-championship division)

Sanction Number: 18CO11

Cost: $1,100/team (Championship Division) or $900/team (non-Championship Division)

Championship Division Teams:


Non-Championship Division Teams:


August 31 – September 4, 2017


  • U18 A, U16 AA, U15 AAA & JV high school
  • U16 A & U14 AAA
  • U14 AA & U13 AAA

Sanction Number: 18CO07

Cost: $1,500/team

Tournament Schedule & Results

U18 A, U16 AA, U15 AAA & JV High School Teams:

  • Arapahoe U16 AA
  • Evolution U15 AAA
  • New Mexico U16 A
  • Rampage U15 AAA
  • Rocky Mountain Roughriders U15 AAA

U16 A & U14 AAA Teams:

  • Arapahoe U16 A
  • DU Jr. Pioneers U16 A
  • Evolution U14 AAA
  • Foothills U16 A

U14 AA & U13 AAA Teams:

  • Arapahoe U14 AA
  • DU Jr. Pioneers U14 AA
  • Evolution U13 AAA
  • Foothills U14 AA
  • Krivo U13 AAA
  • Rampage U13 AAA

October 27-29, 2017


  • U12 A
  • U10 AA

Sanction Number: 18CO08

Cost: $1,400/team

U12 A Teams:

  • DU Jr. Pioneers
  • Jr. Coyotes (2005)
  • Littleton Hawks Black
  • Littleton Hawks White
  • Rampage
  • Steamboat Stampede

U12 A Tournament Schedule & Results

U10 AA Teams:

  • Colorado Spring Tigers
  • DU Jr. Pioneers
  • Jr. Coyotes (2007)
  • Krivo Red
  • Krivo White
  • NCYH Jr. Eagles
  • Rampage

U10 AA Tournament Schedule & Results

January 12-15, 2018


  • U12 B
  • U14 B

Sanction Number: 18CO09

Cost: $1,400/team

U12 B Teams:

  • Cheyenne Capitals Peewee B
  • Colorado Springs Peewee B Gold
  • CSGHA Peewee B
  • DCC Peewee B
  • DU Jr. Pioneers Peewee B Crimson
  • Hyland Hills Peewee B Black
  • Pueblo Tigers Peewee B
  • Rampage Peewee B
  • Steamboat Peewee B Black
  • Steamboat Peewee B Red
  • Vail Peewee B Blue
  • West Elk Peewee B
  • YMCA Peewee B

U12 A Tournament Schedule & Results

U14 B Teams:

  • Arapahoe Bantam B Maize
  • Casper Bantam B
  • Cheyenne Bantam B
  • DU Jr. Pioneers Bantam B Crimson
  • Rampage Bantam B
  • Steamboat Bantam B
  • West Elk Bantam B

U12 A Tournament Schedule & Results


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