Can you positively impact your health in 25 days? Find out with our 25 day challenge!
Jill Bargehlame Personal Training
Here’s how it works:

  • Stop by the Coors Fitness Center between January 6-14 for your initial fitness assessment. Our fitness coordinator will discuss your results and help you create a plan for success.
  • Participate in our fitness workshops and seminars, check out our weekly workouts, and try new group fitness classes throughout the month.
  • Stop in and talk with our fitness coordinator, Aaron Clark, during your visits to the Coors Fitness Center. Aaron can answer your fitness questions and provide work out tips.
  • Come in for your follow-up assessment between January 31 – February 7. You’ll receive comparative data for the 25-day period.

What does the fitness assessment include?
Your fitness assessment will take less than five minutes and only requires you to remove your socks and shoes! The assessment will provide you with your weight, BMI, body fat percent and body water percent.

Are there prizes?
Yes! The member with the highest weight-loss percent (male and female) will receive a $200 Ritchie Center gift certificate. The certificate can be used for any of our adult and youth programs including personal training, boot camps and School Days Off. We will also award second and third place prizes.

Plus, we’ll have prizes and incentives throughout the month for challenge participants!

How much does it cost?
Participation is free for all Coors Fitness Center members and DU students.

Who do I contact with any questions?
For additional information on our 25 day challenge, please contact our Fitness Coordinator, Aaron Clark, at, or 303-871-4523, or our Director of Ritchie Center Programming, Carin Orr, at or 303-871-7689.