Meet the Coors Fitness Center Member of the Week for February 13:

Rylie Pepich, 19, Biology Major

Rylie Pepich

Rylie Pepich

Q: How often do you visit the Coors Fitness Center?

“Probably four or five times a week.”

Q: What is your favorite workout?

“I just like cardio and sometimes the fitness classes.”

Q: What do you like best about the Coors Fitness Center?

“It’s hours. It’s open really early in the morning and really late at night, so it really accommodates to the students’ schedules. It’s always clean, and the staff are friendly.”

Q: What group fitness classes have you taken?

“I take a lot–like zumba, ballet, muscle tone and yoga.”

Q: What is your favorite recreational activity to do outside of the Coors Fitness Center?

“Figure skating. I’m on the club figure skating team here.”