The University of Denver Rugby Club participated in a Tree Planting Project to spuce up Evans Avenue between High Street and Franklin Street last Saturday, May 21. While you might not have found the team out on the pitch that day, they were definitely busy lining the sidewalks of Evans Avenue from 8 a.m. through late in the afternoon. The day marked the end of months of planning and hard work, as the Rugby Club was able to plant 15 trees as a means of fulfulling their club’s objectives of sustainability and community outreach.

Through this project, along with numerous other environmentally minded initiatives, the club is hoping to lead a new movement towards creating more environmentally conscientious clubs and teams on the University of Denver campus. “It’s going to be awesome to come back years from now and see the trees fully grown,” says Fly-Half Jake Murphy, “Whenever I come back to DU I’m going to be able to look at those trees and know that I left an impact, however small it may be.” Jake Murphy, who along with Flanker Michael Gestal, were the team leaders who helped organize this event. Through this project the team was really able to connect with the community, leave people with a smile on their faces and have a little fun themselves.

Read more about the Tree Planting Project online.