JPHThe Ritchie Center welcomes visiting teams to this weekend’s Jr. Pioneers Hockey Tournament! Tournament action begins Thursday, September 1 in Joy Burns Arena and Magness Arena with the following teams competing in different age groups:

U14 AA Teams:

  • Evolution (U13 AAA)
  • Evolution (U14 AA)
  • Foothills (U14 AA)
  • Jr. Pioneers (U14 AA)
  • Littleton (U14 A Black)

U16 A Teams:

  • Jr. Pioneers (U16 A)
  • Littleton (U15 A)
  • New Mexico (U16 A)
  • West Elk (U16 A)

U16 AA Teams:

  • Arapahoe (U16 AA)
  • Colorado Springs (U16 AA)
  • Evolution (U14 AAA)
  • Evolution (U16 AA)
  • Foothills (U16 AA)
  • Regis (U16 AA)

U18 AA Teams:

  • Arapahoe (U18 AA)
  • Cherry Creek (U18 AA)
  • Evolution (U16 AAA)
  • Evolution (U15 AAA)
  • Foothills (U18 AA)
  • Jr. Pioneers (U18 AA)

The Championship games will be held on Monday, September 5 beginning at 7:15 a.m. with the U14 AA Championship, followed by the U16 A Championships at 9:30 a.m., U16 AA Championship at 11:45 a.m. and the U18 AA Championship at 2 p.m., all in Magness Arena.  Find a full list of tournament game times and results online and welcome to this year’s visiting teams!