kaiser_tipThis month’s Kaiser Permanente sponsored health tip of the month again helps prove how your mind and body are connected and can affect your overall well-being!

Caring for the whole you! Your mind and body are connected. How you think, feel, and act affect your total health and well-being.

Being healthy, mentally and emotionally, means you feel good about yourself, your relationships, and your purpose in life. Everyone feels on edge, sad, angry, or confused, or confronts emotional issues from time to time. But, if you can manage stress, communicate well, achieve work-life balance, and think more positively, you’ll be able to bounce back from difficult times fast and enjoy yourself and others more. These simple tips will help you bounce back in no time:

  • Let your feelings out.
  • Do something you enjoy.
  • Learn ways to relax your body.
  • Exercise.

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