Parking Services is now using license plate recognition and Ritchie Center members and participants no longer need to display a permit when parking in a Ritchie Center parking lot. If you are a current member or participate in Ritchie Center programs, parking renewals were mailed at the beginning of January and included a swipe card to access the Ritchie Center parking lots.

Ritchie Center parking lot gatearms have remained open over the last few weeks, but they will go back down beginning Tuesday, January 17. If you have not received your parking renewal and swipe card, please scan this parking permit to gain access to the lot.

Please also be sure that your license plate information is on file with parking services. To update or add license plate information, please access your DU Parking Services account or call 303-871-3210.

If you do not currently have a Ritchie Center parking permit and would like to request one, please visit the DU Parking Services website. If you have any questions regarding parking renewals, please contact us at