wolfpack-dietAs a part of the April 29-30 Wolfpack Ninja Tour coming to Magness Arena, Wolfpack Ninjas are providing Ritchie Center members and participants with health, nutrition, and training tips to not only train like a ninja, but live a healthier all around life. See this week’s tips below and learn how to eat a Wolfpack Ninja Diet!

Read more online about the Wolfpack Ninja Tour and purchase your tickets to compete in the Worlfpack Ninja Tour or watch the Top Ninjas compete today!

The bottom line is that if you want to be healthier there is a way via the Wolfpack Ninja Diet! Take the Wolfpack Ninja’s nutrition challenge for 1 month. Wolfpack Ninjas eat mostly fruit and vegetables. Nuts are a healthy snack in between. “Gross” you say? “I can’t” you say? Try it! You will be amazed. Whenever you are hungry eat an apple. Eat as much food as you want as long as it is fruit, vegetables, and legumes. This may seem like a draconian and spartan diet, yet it grows on you rather quickly as your body opens up and responds to the natural foods that it was initially made to consume. Your sleep will improve. Your bowel and bladder habits will improve. Your mood will improve. You will glow.

What to avoid at all costs:

SUGAR! Trust us, you will be amazed at the healthy transformation that will take place. Fruit juice is just as bad as soda or any other sweet drink. The only sweet foods you should eat are fruit. It may be hard at first, but you can try anything for a month, can’t you? Join the pack. You can do this. We are proud of you for being here reading this and we want to see you become a FULL FLEDGED NINJA CUB!

Once you see the amazing changes in health, happiness, and self-confidence you will want to keep going. Spread the word and ask parents to buy healthier foods from the store. Avoid processed foods and ingredients that you can not pronounce.