As a part of the April 29-30 Wolfpack Ninja Tour coming to Magness Arena, Wolfpack Ninjas are providing Ritchie Center members and participants with health, nutrition, and training tips to not only train like a ninja, but live a healthier all around life. See this week’s tips below from Ninjadoc, Noah T. Kaufman, MD.

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So how do I do it and where are some Wolfpack Ninja Tips? How do I train and start my journey to becoming a Ninja? How do I work on self-improvement as a NINJA CUB? Here are some useful tips to get you started, and there is always room for creativity and new tips! If you have advice for us, or tips of your own, please share with us since the Wolfpack Ninjas are always striving to improve ourselves and we can all learn from each other. The fact of the matter is, the more you utilize tips and tricks from successful people, the more likely it is that you will also become a successful, happy and healthy person! We are living our dreams and that takes hard work. You can also live your dreams, and it is all about your willingness to TRY HARD. Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to becoming the person that you want to be! A healthier, happier, stronger version of the current you. BECOME YOUR POTENTIAL!


By Ninjadoc

  1. If there’s one most important health tip I can give you to start off the ninjadoc’s health tips, it’s to decrease sugar intake! If you’re drinking juice, water it down and if you’re drinking soda you need to stop!  Candy is even worse.  The only sugars you should be taking into your body on a regular basis should be from fruit.  Sugar spikes insulin a hormone that makes you store fat. If you eat sugar from fruit then the fiber in the fruit slows down the absorption of sugar and allows your body to process that sugar the way it should be processed. A little here and there isn’t too bad for you, but eating sugar every day will make you gain weight, and it will cause health problems! Be smart and cut down on the sugar!
  2. I’d like to tell you that all types of sugar are processed the same in your body.  Sugar has been shown to be a powerful drug in laboratory studies. When given a choice, lab rats chose sugar water over water with cocaine in it! Sugar is just like cigarettes, a little bit doesn’t seem to hurt you, but over time we really hurt our bodies with it.  Be like us ninjas and try and cut out as much sugar as you can! Your body will thank you!  Trust me guys, this is so important and it’s really holding you back.
  3. Today I also want to tell you how important it is to cut way down on dairy and meat. This may not be as important for the growing Ninja Cubs out there, but as we grow older we just simply don’t need all those vegetable-pictureanimal byproducts.  There really good alternatives out there and my favorite of which is tofu.  Tofu is so versatile and there so many ways to prepare it into a delicious dish that really satisfies! Try and remove milk and substitute it with Almond milk. At first it may be tricky to find the alternatives but they are there and they’re really good for you and your body!

Yum! Eat your colors!