The Ritchie Center has begun its annual graduation season and will host over 30 graduation ceremonies over the next several weeks, concluding with the University of Denver’s undergraduate commencement on June 6. The list of all graduatoin ceremonies is avalilable online.

On graduation days, traffic around the Ritchie Center is expected to be heavy. If you will be traveling to the Ritchie Center during one of these events, we recommend giving yourself some extra travel time.  

Member and participant parking will be unaffected, but please make sure to have your Ritchie Center pass visible to avoid any parking complications. The following days will see the highest volume of traffic surrounding the Ritchie Center, so please plan extra time accordingly:

Monday, May 18 & Tuesday, May 19 evening programming around 4 – 5 p.m. will see extra traffic as graduations will be letting out.

Thursday, May 21 & Friday, May 22 all day as graduations run back-to-back throughout the day.

We appreciate your patience on these event days! For additional information about graduations at the Ritchie Center, please visit the online event calendar, call 303-871-3845 or stop by the Coors Fitness Center front desk.