As we enter our 20th summer of P.A.S.S. Camp, we are excited to announce our first P.A.S.S. Camp School Challenge! This summer, local schools will have the opportunity to win great prizes based on the summer camp participation of their students.

Current Standings

P.A.S.S. Camp slackline

  1. Steele Elementary – 10.53%
  2. The Denver Language School – 9.50%
  3. Slavens School – 8.10%
  4. Cory Elementary – 7.61%
  5. Asbury Elementary – 6.86%
  6. Teller Elementary School – 4.71%
  7. Belleview Elementary – 4.36%
  8. University Park Elementary – 3.98%
  9. Swigert International School – 3.76%
  10. Polaris at Ebert– 3.34%
  11. Graland Country Day School – 2.95%
  12. Edison Elementary – 2.80%
  13. Bromwell Elementary – 2.52%
  14. Cherry Hills Village Elementary – 2.45%
  15. Montclair Elementary School – 1.48%
  16. Carl Sandburg Elementary – 0.58%

Here’s How It Works:

  • Each month, we’ll send schools a competition update detailing the percentage of students enrolled in P.A.S.S. Camp and how it compares to other schools. The competition is based on the percentage of students enrolled, not the number of students enrolled.
  • In September, we’ll send schools a final P.A.S.S. Camp Challenge update. The schools with the highest percentage of students participating in P.A.S.S. Camp will receive a prize.

The Prizes

  • 1st Place – A free Ritchie Center Field Trip for up to 80 students (an $800 value)
  • 2nd Place – 10 free 2013-2014 School Days Off gift certificates (a $550 value)
  • 3rd Place – A free Ritchie Center Birthday Party gift certificate (a $229 value)

If you have any questions regarding this competition or would like to ensure a school is included in our competition communication, please contact our Director of Marketing and Student Programs, Ruth Brown, at 303-871-4694 or To ensure your child’s school gets credit for your registration, be sure to include his/her school name with your P.A.S.S. Camp registration!