On Tuesday, December 10, parking services will install the new permit reader at the Lot L parking garage, located across from the Ritchie Center on Asbury Ave. Access to the parking lot will be uninterrupted during the installation.

Once the new permit reader is installed, you will need to use your new Ritchie Center permit to access the parking lot. Follow these these three easy steps:

  1. Pull up to the parking gate. Your driver’s side window should be centered in front of the yellow permit reader.
  2. Scan your permit’s bar code under the scanner, located on the right side of the permit reader. If you cannot get the bar code reader to work, you can swipe your permit in the magnetic stripe reader, located on the left side of the permit reader.
  3. Once the gate arm rises, place your permit in its clear windshield pouch and proceed to a Recreation or Rick’s Center parking spot, located on Level 1 of the parking garage.

This week, parking services will begin issuing warning tickets to cars parked in Lots L, 401, and 403 without a new Ritchie Center parking permit.  Please remember to display your new Ritchie Center permit in its clear windshield pouch when parked on campus. Beginning Monday, December 16, tickets will be issued to all cars parked without a permit these parking lots.

If you need to request a Ritchie Center parking permit, please visit