Dear Ritchie Center Members and Guests,

Thank you for your patience over the past month as we have been working to recover from the June 24th flooding event that caused major damage to our entire game level of the facility and part of our spectator level.

Over the past month the focus has been getting the building “dry” and preventing any future issues due to the water damage sustained.  This has involved the removal of drywall, flooring, tiling, framing in areas, and sports surfaces in major venues.  With the materials removed, the facility was cleaned thoroughly and then the process of repair was begun.  Our repair efforts to date have focused on replacing drywall, painting, and acclimatizing the new wood floor that is being installed in Hamilton Gymnasium.  During this time also, our concrete floors have been monitored for moisture reduction so we can meet the requirements to re-install flooring in the wide array of spaces.  Our floors have reached acceptable levels and flooring installation began on August 3, 2015.  The initial priorities on flooring installation are:

  • Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer, and Women’s Volleyball Locker Rooms – These sports are starting pre-season with all student-athletes returning.
  • Sports Medicine Facility – With the start of our fall sports programs we will be bringing our medical facility back online.
  • Joy Burns Arena – Floor replacement in the arena and locker rooms will take place during the timeframe of August 11-22, 2015.  During the first phase of the installation from August 11-16, entrance onto the ice will be via the west door or team benches.  During the second phase of the installation from August 17-22, entrance onto the ice will be via the north door (by the arena seating) and temporary locker rooms will be in place.
  • Coors Fitness Center Lower Lobby/Locker Rooms – Floor replacement in these areas will begin on August 24.  During the timeframe of August 24-28, there will be no access to the lower lobby and/or the Gold Club Locker Rooms.  Access to/from the Crimson Locker Rooms will be via the west concourse doors into El Pomar Natatorium.  A staff member will be stationed at the pool doors to allow access to the locker room facilities.  If you have a Gold Club locker, please remove any items you’ll need from your locker prior to August 24.  A Gold Club amenities station will be available in both Crimson Locker Rooms during the Gold Club Locker Room closure.  We anticipate gaining access back into these areas on August 29 and the project to be completed on August 30.
  • Remaining Varsity Sport Locker rooms and Support Spaces.

Beyond this initial flooring scope, we will have a number of other projects occurring in and around the Ritchie Center to return our facilities to normal operations.

  • Coors Fitness Center Weight Room Floor – The weight room floor will be replaced due to some of the flooring coming loose during the flooding event.  We believe that the initial humidity levels caused this.  We originally explored repair options, but they are unacceptable.  We have finally received approval from our insurance company to replace this floor and are in the process of confirming the project schedule, which will most likely take place in late November/December.  We will share additional details regarding the replacement schedule and temporary equipment locations as we get closer to the project date.
  • Hamilton Gymnasium – We are currently installing a new wood floor in this venue and are targeting a September 1, 2015, occupation date.  This date could be delayed based on the fact that we must move our bleacher system and still demo and dry some of the former flooring system in these locations.
  • Peter Barton Lacrosse Field – We will be removing our lacrosse field, repairing the sub-structure and replacing the turf during the timeframe of August 8th – September 14th, 2015.  This facility will be closed during this time.
  • Equipment Room – The equipment room will receive a new shelving system which is scheduled to be installed in late August and we anticipate this facility being operational in early September.
  • Equipment – There was a significant amount of contents in the Ritchie Center that were damaged including furniture, audio-visual equipment, sports equipment and more.  We are currently in the valuation phase of our insurance claim with these contents and will begin replacing them as soon as possible when items are approved.

On behalf of the entire Ritchie Center team, I would like to thank you for your patience, support, and kind offers of help during the last month.  In recognition of this, I would like to invite you to be our guest at one of the following events here at the facility:

  • Men’s Soccer – Saturday, August 29 at 7:00 PM vs. CSU Bakersfield
  • Volleyball – Tuesday, September 22 at 7:00 PM vs. Northern Colorado
  • Women’s Soccer – Saturday, September 26 at 7:00 PM vs. Portland
  • Hockey – Sunday, October 4 at 6:06 PM vs. Calgary

Please let a staff member at one of our front desks (Coors Fitness Center, Joy Burns Arena or Gymnastics) know which event you would like to attend and we will reserve your tickets.  Tickets will be available for pick up at the will call window on the night of the event.

Go Pioneers!

Stuart Halsall Associate Vice Chancellor of Athletics and Recreation University of Denver