As of February 1, our members and participants now receive reward points on most Ritchie Center purchases! Through our new program, “Ritchie Center Rewards,” you’ll earn 2% rewards for future Ritchie Center purchases and have the opportunity to earn bonus points throughout the year.

Here’s how it works:

Ritchie Center tower

  • You don’t need to do anything to get started or take part in this program – your Ritchie Center Rewards balance is linked to your existing Ritchie Center household account!
  • Every time you register for a new Ritchie Center program or make a membership payment, you’ll automatically receive 2% rewards for future purchases.
  • If you’re making a Denver Pioneer Store purchase or participating in a drop-in program, please let the cashier know you’d like to link the transaction to your household and earn reward points.
  • The reward points earned on new transactions and your total reward points balance now prints on the bottom of your receipts.
  • Your available Ritchie Center Reward points can also be viewed online and applied to your online registrations by selecting “Apply Gift Certificate/Coupons/Rewards” at the bottom of the shopping cart screen.
  • Reward points can also be redeemed in-person. Just let the cashier or program manager know you want to apply your Ritchie Center Rewards balance to your transaction.
  • Reward points can be redeemed on most new program registrations and/or Denver Pioneer Store purchases. Reward points cannot be applied to monthly billing transactions or purchases at
  • Throughout the year, you’ll receive updates on special Ritchie Center Reward promotions and opportunities to earn bonus points!

Programs Eligible for Earning Ritchie Center Reward Points

  • Coors Fitness Center memberships
  • Coors Fitness Center membership anniversaries – you’ll now have points added to your account instead of picking up a gift certificate at the front desk
  • Personal Training sessions
  • Pool memberships
  • Masters Swim Team memberships
  • X-Fit memberships
  • Locker rentals
  • Coors Fitness Center Boot Camp registrations
  • Youth Program registrations (excluding Field Trips and the Climbing Wall)
  • Adult Hockey League & Learn to Play Hockey registrations
  • Jr. Pioneers Hockey & Gymnastics memberships
  • Jr. Pioneers Hockey College registrations
  • Hilltoppers memberships and meet fees
  • Lifeguard certification courses

As a kick-off to this exciting new program, we’ve added reward points to our existing households based on a percentage of their 2012 purchases and/or the duration of their Coors Fitness Center memberships. Be sure to check out your balance today! If you have any questions about this program, please email