Every day during competition in Sochi, we’ll highlight a different sport or event, including fun facts and athlete workouts for you to try!

Spotlight on Sochi: Ice Hockey

Fun Facts

  • A puck made of vulcanized rubber is used. Before top level matches, the puck is frozen in order to reduce friction on the ice surface, therefore increasing its speed.
  • There are separate ice hockey competitions for men and women. Two sets of medals are contested.
  • Women’s ice hockey has been included in the program since 1998.



JULIE CHU, Ice Hockey

Julie focuses on two types of training: “gym shape” and “hockey shape.” In the summer, she works on off-ice conditioning to get into “gym shape.”

Circuit Training

Choose 8-10 stations on the circuit floor.

Stay at each station for 60-90 seconds, then move on to the next station.

Complete the circuit three times.