Every day during competition in Sochi, we’ll highlight a different sport or event, including fun facts and athlete workouts for you to try!

Spotlight on Sochi: Bobsled

Fun Facts

  • Medals are awarded based on the total time over the four runs, with the winner having the lowest overall time. If two teams complete the competition in a tie, they are awarded the same place. There are events for both men and women.
  • In 1960 in Squaw Valley, bobsled events were not held due to the lack of a track.
  • The speed of the sled as it travels down the track may reach 150 km/h.



How They Train: Four-Man Bobsled
STEVEN HOLCOMB, Bobsled, Two- and Four-Man

In the gym, Steven Holcomb and his teammates include various exercises to maximize the start of their runs.

Weighted Workouts

Complete 8-12 reps of the following exercises:

Weighted Pull-ups

Power Cleans

Romanian Dead Lift

Back Squats