Create a new DU Club Sports team

If you’re interested in starting a new Club Sports team, you must follow a five-step process:

1. Form an interest group of eligible Club Sports participants.

All officers must be University of Denver students. All participants must be current students, faculty or staff. Faculty/staff members must be full-time appointed.

2. Complete the Interest Form.

Complete the New Club Sport Interest Form.

Application includes:

  • Creating a projected first year budget.
  • Determining potential governing body, leagues and opponents.
3. Set a meeting with the Club Sports Executive Council president.

Email the Club Sports Executive Council president to review the club application.

4. Present proposal to Club Sports Executive Council.
  • Board may voice concerns about the proposed club.
  • CSEC shares issues they wish for the interest group revisit.
    • The new Club will have two weeks to address any issues that the CSEC has about the Club.
      • These can be done in person at a CSEC meeting or via email.
    • Use the new Club Sports presentation guide to develop the new club’s objectives and direction.
    • If approved, the Club will go to the Club Sports Advisory Board for approval.
5. Present at Club Sports Advisory Board meeting.

The Club Sports Advisory Board (CSAB) is an organization comprised of representatives from all Club Sports. At a CSAB meeting, the proposed new Club Sport presents its application to the CSAB. The presentation should include a description of:

  • the Club Sport and its activities
  • the leadership of the Club Sport
  • financial needs and how money will be raised
  • facility needs
  • the availability of a coach or instructor, if required


If approved by the CSAB and sanction of the department of student programs, the new Club Sport is approved as an interest group for a one-year, non-funded probationary period.

If denied, the club must wait until the next school year before they may seek club status again.

Additional Program Information

For additional information on starting a new club sport, please contact the Club Sports staff at