Slow down and take it all in – mind, body & soul. Together, let’s make more time for positivity, intentional movement, meditation, learning sessions & more.

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Free Classes & Exercises

Enjoy free mindfullness classes from Les Mills onDemand and recommended exercises from DU’s Health & Counseling Center.

Body Flow

From: Les Mills

Mindfulness Breathing

From: Les Mills

Coping Through Coronavirus

From: TAO

Power of Positive Thinking

Stay positive with videos from bestselling author Jon Gordon.

Enjoy videos for all audiences including athletes, children and more!

Learn More About Jon Gordon & His Books

Mental Health Tips

Michael Eckert, an athletic trainer at the University of Denver, provides tips in his newsletter, “The Denver Dispatch.”

Mental Health & Stress
During a Pandemic

Videos & Lectures

Hear from experts in mindfulness, mental health, happiness and positivity..

Mindfulness Session
at Google

From: Jon Kabat-Zimm

TED Talk:
The Happiness Advantage

From: Shawn Achor

The Science of Wellbeing

Enroll in this free online course from Yale University.

Gain skills and habits to increase your own happiness.