Daily Workouts Banner Keep fit with a different work out every day from our staff! Here are the daily workouts for July 14-20, 2014.

We always recommend that you stretch and complete a five-minute warm-up before and a five-minute cool-down after every workout.

MONDAY, JULY 14 – 5×5 Dumbbell Workout

Details: Complete five sets of five reps for each exercise:

  • Dumbbell dead lift
  • Dumbbell front squats
  • Dumbbell shoulder press

TUESDAY, JULY 15 – Leg Workout

Details: Complete five sets of six reps of the following exercises:

  • Weighted lunges
  • Front squats
  • Stiff-legged dead lift

WEDNESDAY, JULY 16 – Countdown Arms Workout

Details: Complete the following exercises, beginning with 10 reps, then 8, 6, 5 and 3 reps:

  • Dumbbell hammer curls
  • Bench press (narrow grip, increasing weight as reps decrease)

THURSDAY, JULY 17 – A Mile and Squats

  • Run: 1 mile
  • Jump squats: 20 after every minute of running

FRIDAY, JULY 18 – Glutes Power Burn

Details: Complete each exercise for one minute, then reduce time by 20 seconds for each following set. Repeat the entire workout twice:

  • Front squats (with weights)
  • Ski lunges
  • Alternate squats (with leg kicks)

SATURDAY, JULY 19 – 12- Minute Push It

Details: Complete as many sets of 12 reps as possible in 12 minutes:

  • Push-ups
  • Sumo dead lift high pull

SUNDAY, JULY 20 – 20-Minute Workout

Details: Complete as many sets as possible in 20 minutes of 15 reps each:

  • Dead lift
  • Elevated push-ups
  • Elevated front lunges
  • Chin-ups
  • Stairs (with weights)

Stay tuned for next week’s workouts, coming soon!

*Don’t know some of the activities? Stop by the Coors Fitness Center, and our staff and trainers will help you out!